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My name is Yaara Nusboim and I'm an industrial designer, a Shenkar College of Engineering and Design graduate. 

My motto in life is: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

and I believe design is the tool for changing our world.

Design is our way of creating new things, improving what

already exists, and making new products that can help

and change the lives of people.  

I love working with natural materials such as wood and ceramics,

but I also like learning about new materials and discovering unique techniques. In my search for project inspiration, I observe nature, different cultures, colors, shapes, and the people around me.

In my opinion, the goal of design is to make people feel good, unique, and different. Every project is an opportunity for a new adventure,

and I invite you to join mine.

© 2021 by Yaara Nusboim

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