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In 1940, the "Doll Test" was conducted in the United States, in which light- and dark-skinned children were shown two dolls: a light-skinned doll and a dark-skinned one. The children were asked which doll they liked best, which doll was prettier, and other questions in the same vein. The vast majority chose the lighter-skinned doll. 

In Israel 2018, the results repeated themselves.

Diversitoy is a set of three wooden dolls intended to teach girls and boys, through joined play, to love and acknowledge a wide range of skin colors and body shapes. The dolls are made by turning wood on a lathe. The face of each doll, which depicts people from different regions of the world, was made from a type of wood native to that region. The dolls are constructed from simple shapes in a minimalistic design, in order to allow the children playing it freedom of imagination. The parts of the doll can be rotated and played with.

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